Wheel Colors & Finishes

All Rotiform forged wheels are available in any finish you can imagine.

Basic finishes are a no cost option and can be applied to the wheel center, outer lip, and center cap in any combination to create your own signature look.

Specialty finishes are available as well for an additional cost and include amazing combinations of transparent and candy colors meticulously applied over polishing or brushing.

All basic and specialty finishes include POLISHED lip and MATTE BLACK barrel. You can also choose gloss, satin or matte clear coatings for the ultimate in customization. Additional finishes not shown are available, if you can dream it - we can make it happen. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Basic Finish

1G gloss black
1M matte black
2G gloss silver
2M matte silver
3G gloss anthracite
3M matte anthracite
4G gloss bronze
4M matte bronze
5G gloss gold
5M matte gold
6G gloss white

Specialty Finish - Brushed

X brushed
X1 brushed DDT
X2 brushed gold
X3 brushed copper
X4 brushed bronze
X5 brushed blue
X6 brushed red
X7 brushed purple
X8 brushed pink
X9 brushed black

Specialty Finish - Polished

Z polished
Z1 polished DDT
Z2 polished gold
Z3 polished copper
Z4 polished bronze
Z5 polished blue
Z6 polished red
Z7 polished purple
Z8 polished pink
Z9 polished black

See examples of all finishes →